Friday, 7 September 2012

So long Summer...

Every year I try to go abroad, and last year, for one reason or another, I didn't get to go. This year, as part of my new year's resolutions, I was going somewhere abroad, anywhere, and I really didn't care where. My criteria were very few: hot, coastal, not UK.

My friend and I had chatted briefly about going to Croatia, I knew little about it, but enough to know it was somewhere that appealed, and it met my unfussy criteria, so it was a hit. It took little more than a phone call and a quick internet search while we were on the phone, and suddenly, we were booked on a flight. I think that bar all the trips I went on whilst living in America, this was my first holiday abroad with a friend rather than a partner or family.
In Dubrovnik
Luckily, we had similar ideas of what we wanted to see and do, and in the 9 days we were there, managed to fit in lots of travel and sight-seeing as well as, of course, a bit of beach lounging.

We started in Dubrovnik, a beautiful walled city with lots of ancient history...caught a coach to Split – another equally as beautiful and old city, and in my opinion much underrated, there’s lots to see and do here. We then caught a catamaran to the glitzy of Hvar where we also made a couple of day boat trips to neighbouring smaller islands. The coast is beautiful, the Adriatic Sea crystal clear and pleasantly warm to swim in. Croatia is a very interesting place to visit, it’s on the cusp of all things Euro, still maintaining its own authentic identity and has many different influences depending where you are geographically in the country, something that makes it unique. If you want a Mediterranean style holiday somewhere still relatively untapped by tourists, especially in comparison to Italy then go to Croatia. I would love to go back, whether I will anytime soon...I haven’t decided, there’s still too many places I haven’t been on my wish list to warrant going back just yet. But I’m definitely starting to think about my next holiday already and thinking about going to somewhere like Bulgaria or Hungary, I have garnered an interest in middle Europe now!

Now I shall bore you with some snaps, sorry if this is too pictorially heavy for you.

It's lucky to rub his nose apparently.

Al fresco dining on every side street.

Around the city walls.

I'm in a bath.


The local brewski.

The beautiful Hvar.


Evelina said...

Such beauty in the world!!! Croatia is now on my travel to list. I love your blog!!

Onyx said...

@Evelina - I know, isn't it beautiful! Welcome to my blog, and thanks for your comment. xXx

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