Friday, 26 October 2012

Batiste Wild, Lace and Graffiti

My love affair with Batiste is no secret. It's become as much of a staple to me as deodorant. I use dry shampoo on the days in between washes to absorb any excess oil and giving your hair a bit more life. It's also useful for when you've washed your hair but want to give it a bit of a volume boost at the roots. It feels completely like cheating and that's the appeal. There are a lot of dry shampoos on the market, but I never tend to look twice at them with Batiste being a brand I trust to deliver. The bottles are attractively decorated, the scents are gorgeous and now there's even more to choose from.  The bottles that don't state they are for a particular hair colour are the standard dry shampoos that don't deposit any colour but instead a white-ish powder which you then need to give a ruffle with your fingers to blend it in. The only difference in the bottles above is the fragrance. 
Blush was my favourite scent but the release of the new range has given me a new favourite. Lace - "seductive and elegant"...I would have to agree! It reminds me greatly of a perfume I have used in the past but since I never repurchase perfumes (bar Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cacao) I can't remember the name. But it's good enough to be compared to a perfume, who knew a dry shampoo could smell so good?! I might have to stock up on this one in case they discontinue it. The picture below shows 3 of the most recent releases. I'm missing the Paisley one which is a Superdrug exclusive. Graffiti is the Boots exclusive which if I'm correct is either very similar to, or exactly the same as the scent of the Brit Batiste from a while ago. Wild is a more original scent which I can't really compare to anything, it's probably the least girly scent out of the bunch.

So I feel that's enough waffling about dry shampoo. I thought I'd fill you in on my current reads as I always enjoy reading what other people are reading...if that makes sense. I joined my local library because I rarely read books twice. I'm also a bit anti-kindle, I like the feel of a book, I don't really know why. I'm also a huge lover of shopping in second hand book stores and love discovering new ones so if anyone knows of any in London please send your suggestions for new ones for me to check out!
Right now I'm reading Two Little Boys by Duncan Sarkies, which has nothing to do with Rolf Harris. I chose it primarily because it was endorsed by one of the actors from Flight of the Conchords which I love so didn't feel the need to find out much more about the book. I'm glad I picked it up though, it's a bit of a dark comedy which I enjoy and is an easy read, there's a few great one liners in there. I do have quite a short attention span so I often have two books on the go. I'm about to start 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami which sounds quite promising and was in the top 10 a few months back so I'm hoping it lives up to the hype. It's a beast of a book which is another reason I tend to read two books at once - one for the tube commute, the other for home. I just need to not get the plots and characters confused.

My plans for the weekend include crossing off another thing on my to-do list for the year. That is, going on a Boris bike ride (for those of you outside of the UK, they're the bikes available for public use around London with docking stations at various locations). I'm doing quite well on my list so far so I hope I commit to this. It is very cold though, so I might just read my books instead.


katie ridings said...

I tried the tressemme (sp?) dry shampoo but it didn't work!! I was so angry lol.

TheMaiBug said...

Nothing can beat Batiste Dry Shampoo, it's a lifesaver. Awesome post x

Anonymous said...

New follower! :)
I wanna try those dry shampoos!

Meghan said...

Wow you are really pretty! I love this post, and this blog. I am your newest follower and I hope you will check out mine!


Laura b said...

I love Batiste dry shampoo. I'm the same could not live without it! x

A Is For Ayla said...

I think it's fair to say I've tried every dry shampoo out there and nothing beats Batiste Blush in my opinion, I use it everyday for the 'fluffy' hair effect! <3

sleepandwater said...

Batiste makes great dry shampoo - I have the tropical one and it works excellently! Though I do like Klorane oat milk dry shampoo too :)

Kimberley said...

Nice post! I love this dry shampoo too.

I'm a new follower :)

Kimberley x

Sarah H said...

I love how much info you've written. I haven't tried this shampoo, but I need a new dry one so I'll try it :)

Please check out my blog

Mary Jane Hayes said...

I ilke dry shampoo. All the girls with great hair say that they don't wash it every day to maintain the natural oils. I used to use baby powder but that can get really messy very quick!

You have a nice figure ... you should give us some diet/exercise tips!!

CeeJay xo said...

I was thinking about starting to use dry shampoo and I kind of want to buy the wild batiste one just because its in a leopard print bottle lol.

Great post you've earned a new follower ;)


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