Monday, 1 October 2012

OOTD 01.10.2012

Today started off extremely dull outside, and I decided to go with this lacklustre feeling by blacking out my outfit. No matter what colours are in fashion, I cannot help but love reaching for black clothes. An item of clothing might be available in a few colours, but you can guarantee I'll want the black version. This is boring, I know. But with black, you never fail.
I have a confession...

I'm new to leggings. Not new in the never worn them before way, but new as in I'm rediscovering them, I grew up in the 90s so leggings were very much a part of my world. When they reappeared, I wasn't too pleased to see them initially. But I've warmed to them now, and worn correctly, they can be flattering.

I particularly like these ponti panelled leggings from River Island, they're priced at £20 which is rather a lot for a pair of leggings, but they feel very well made and are a sturdy material which should survive a fair few washes. I really like the contrast in materials, with the panel being slightly ribbed in texture. They remind me of a jodphur which isn't actually as awful as it sounds.
These boots were a risky purchase. Primark (I love you but...) aren't well known for their good quality clothing. I have been after a pair of casual ankle boots with not too big a heel so they are comfortable to wear day and night for a little while now. I felt they should be an investment so I was prepared to spend a bit on them. I searched and I searched, and nothing really grabbed me. Then I saw these beauties.
They were just what I was looking for, not neccessarily with the studs, but I do really like this trend so decided to snap them up. I know full well they won't see me through many winters, if even this winter alone, but for £20 I can't argue too much and I can look for a better pair at a later date.
Black loose fitting top - Topshop
Ponti Panel Leggings - River Island
Boots - Primark

So that's my very unimaginative outfit of the day.

Does grey weather bring out the dull in you too?!


Lydia said...

I love wearing all black too! Boring yes, but I think it makes you look polished even if minimum effort has been put in. Love your boots, I hate Primark but I may have to track a pair down xxx

Onyx said...

Get them! They're surprisingly comfortable too. I don't hate Primark, but I do hate every shopping experience I've ever had in there! xXx

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