Sunday, 7 October 2012

OOTD 07.10.2012

This weekend was spent exploring shops and markets around town. The weather was glorious, crisp but sunny which is the best we can hope for in October in the UK. I went to Borough market for lunch, bought some fudge to munch on over the X Factor, then headed to Butler's Wharf for a little stroll before facing the crowds at Westfield at Shepherd's Bush to hunt for some inspiration for the wardrobe upheaval I'm planning on having. I'll start here with the jacket...
I am rarely one to jump on a fashion bandwagon, I like to dress for myself and wear things that suit my body type. I also prefer investing in pieces that could potentially see me through a few seasons, rather than trends that only last one season. Having said all this...I really needed a new jacket, we are in that transitional weather where it's not cold enough to dig out the winter coat but more than a light-weight jacket is needed. 

I saw the khaki jacket with faux leather contrast sleeves in Topshop and fell in love. I tried it on but it just wasn't meant to be, it seemed to bury me and was very unflattering on my figure. I know parka coats aren't designed for flattering but it just was not for me. I'm glad that other clothes stores have cottoned on to this trend and everywhere seems to have their own version of the contrast jacket.

I went into New Look, which for me can be very hit or miss but often has a few little gems that pleasantly surprise me. This contrast sleeve jacket was the surprise of the day. It differs to the Topshop version in that the main of the coat is made from faux leather, while the sleeves are a different material, in this case, black and white boucle.
Contrast Jacket: New Look, £44.99
Acid Leigh Jeans: Topshop, £40
Scarf: H&M, £6.99
Boots: Primark, £20
Casio Watch: Camden market, £6
 I love the "edgy meets twee" of this jacket. The body has an asymmetric zip which gives it a bit of an edge, while the sleeves are saying middle aged and I love this juxtaposition.

Hope your weekend has been fabulous ladies.

Tell me your thoughts on contrast jackets!


City Girl's Fashion Box said...

i LOVE this! Thank you for sharing! You look fab! xxx

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