Friday, 31 December 2010

Lush Wild Child gift box and a few extras...

First of all, I loved the name of this gift box from Lush. Wild Child is full of sweet and fruity scented goodies. It contains the blackcurrant fruit pastille scented shower jelly Sweetie Pie which I have previously reviewed. It has the Rockstar soap which is the same fragrance as Snow Fairy shower gel. Bubblegum lip scrub, Up you Get shower emotibomb and Happy Hippy shower gel. It's a great set with a good mix of products in it and I will review these items individually at a later date.
I also got a few extra Lush bits as stocking fillers, you're never too old for a stocking!Daddy O shampoo which smells like parma violets, I've never tried a Lush liquid shampoo so was quite excited about this.Honey trap lip balm, again another product I have not tried before, I've already clumsily dug my nail in it.

Mask of Magnaminty which I have used about 3 times since Christmas already, it's great stuff. It has a few little exfoliating bits in it which is a nice touch, and it tingles but not in an acid way, but in a natural minty way!

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dreamer said...

Awesome! I'm DYING to try out Lush products because they aren't available at my country D:

enjoy your lush products! :)

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