Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lush Xmas Collection

I find it hard to get into Christmas this early on, aside from getting all my shopping out of the way, I don't really like to think about Christmas until a couple of days before. Popping into Lush and looking at all the Christmas goodies helps me feel Chistmassy.

Recently I picked up Sugar Plum Fairy sugar scrub, I wrote about a previous sugar scrub experience on here before. This contains plum kernel oil which is fantastic for dry skin. I thought it was unusual to find a scrub which is used to exfoliate, also contains a decent moisturising ingredient. It's good because it should replace any moisture you might lose from removing the dead skin. It apparently has an almondy fragrance to it aswell, the sweetness reminds me of marzipan, but in a good way. A lovely little Christmas scrub, and great value at £1.95 too.
Along with this, I got Christmas Eve bubble bar. It contains ylang ylang and jasmine which instantly puts this in my favourites. I loved the Youki-Hi bath ballistic but it was sadly discontinued. That contained nearly the same ingredients and smelt the same as this so I am tempted to stock up on this beauty. It does look glittery, (and I've discovered I'm no longer a fan of copious amounts of glitter in the bath, yes it looks pretty but it is incredibly inconvenient to remove!) but it's only on the outside of the bubble bar which I'm glad Lush realise is all you need. The rest of the bar crumbles and bubbles away to leave your bath water a lovely relaxing midnight blue colour.

So that is all I've picked up from the Lush Christmas collection, there's a little bit too much to choose from, it seems to grow every year. There's a few other things I'd like to try though, those gingerbread bubble bars look too cute, and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't get a bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel.

What are your Lush Christmas favourites?


Beauty Addict said...

I'm a huge fan of lush. I am in l;ove with kings of skin

mary said...

I'm loving Lush at the moment!
Love your blog too

chrischaos said...

i used to have a way to get lush for free cant remember how to now. i can search for u tho

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I love Sugar Plum Fairy x

What She Said said...

I love the Lush White Santa Jelly Soap! You should deffo try it, it smells amazing.

Please check out my blog and follow if you're a fan;


Shaina H. said...

Iced Wine shower jelly, try it! :D

Onyx said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I thought I'd managed to look at most of the xmas stuff by now but I haven't heard of a few of those things! need another visit I think.

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