Friday, 31 December 2010

Layla and Buster getting together for Christmas

I couldn't get my pictures I took back home up over Xmas, so I'm getting round to it now. I feel slightly ashamed at myself, looking back through my camera that the vast majority of my photographs are of the dogs, not my family! What can I say...

I drove up to my parents house in the Midlands on Tuesday night after taking some tests for my course in the city. I'm so glad we decided to drive up that night as early Wednesday morning brought a lot of snow to the region. I feel like the snow has followed me because we had a lot in the South when no other regions had any, and the South escaped it this time around! I don't mind the snow when it doesn't disrupt my plans, but no-one loves it as much as Layla seems to. She had a lot of fun running around in the snow, and even helped my boyfriend build a snowman.On Christmas day she opened her presents. She figured out how to do it once she's watched everyone else open theirs. I think she liked her presents, although a squeaky snowman was broken before it was out of the wrapper.On boxing day, her best friend Buster (a Maltese terrier) came over to visit. They become very energetic together, chasing each other and play fighting. Here's a rare calm moment I was lucky to capture.

Happy New Year everyone!

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