Friday, 12 June 2009

Barry M New Dazzle Dusts

Currently there’s a few offers in Superdrug, quite a few 3 for 2’s, on Revlon and Bourjois for example. Also on offer are Barry M’s dazzle dusts and glitter pots. You can buy any 3 for £9.99 so it works out at almost 3 for 2. There’s a few new exciting looking shades available Petrol Black, Dark Chocolate, Gold, Parrot Green, Teal and Block Blue. I purchased two of the new shades: Petrol Black and Teal, the third shade I got was an old one called Tan. Here they are without flash and below with flash.
Swatches on my hands:

I was going to opt for Block Blue, which is a lighter version of Teal, thinking I could wear the 3 colours together for a quite intense blue eye. I decided against this because it occurred to me I never wear full on blue eyeshadow, for the good reason that it just doesn’t suit me, it’s better with just a hint. So the third colour I opted for was a safe choice and that was Tan. It’s a very pretty colour, not too intense at all but one I knew I would be able to wear a lot whereas the other two were experiments. Teal is a beautiful electric blue colour. I was surprised that it was called Teal because I always had the idea that Teal was more green. It’s a very gorgeous shade regardless. Finally there’s Petrol Black, a very interesting colour, it has an iridescent green/purple shimmer to it, in the same way petrol can appear to be multi coloured. It’s very unique, unlike any colour I’ve seen before, and will make a great alternative to wearing black in the crease. The picture doesn't really do it justice.
So here is the look I created using all three colours. I perhaps should have gone heavier with the Petrol Black for photographic purposes so you could appreciate it's true colour. I think you can imagine how it would look if I'd used Block Blue, hmm I might be regretting not buying it slightly...


Superficialgirl said...

Those two colors look fab 2gether!

Liparazzi said...


Onyx said...

Thanks you lovely ladies! xxxx

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