Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Sacred Truth

I've had a lovely weekend so far, I hope you all have too. Earlier today I went over to Greenwich market to pick up a last minute Father’s Day gift. Greenwich market is a great place for gift buying, there’s so many unusual things there that you can’t find elsewhere. On Saturday I met with a friend I hadn’t seen for ages, she had a few spare hours in the city before she went home so we had a little catch-up. I also went to the Lush store in Covent Garden. Until recently I hadn’t been in, I thought it was a tiny branch and I prefer bigger stores that stock everything. I discovered that it’s actually HUGE, I didn’t realise there were stairs leading down to another floor. Downstairs it’s like a basement shop, with different sections and I think they pretty much stock everything. What I was looking for in particular was facemasks. I’ve tried a lot of products from Lush and have more often than not been impressed, sometimes a little weirded out, but mostly impressed! Lush have a long standing offer where if you return 5 black pots for recycling you get a free face mask! So I’ve been saving up my little black pots and finally reached five. These are the things that I returned.
1x Helping Hands – This was a hand cream that came in a little pump bottle, contains chamomile and rosemary, very good for dry skin.
2x Angels on Bare Skin – The best face wash ever! I’m obsessed with this, and have just got back in to using it, I wrote a review on it a while back.
1x Herbalism – the most vegan friendly, organic face wash they make, good for oily skin but I’m not too keen on the smell, and prefer AOBS.
1x Imperalis – An all rounder moisturiser, I used this on my face, and it works well, nice consistency, but probably better just for night time so it has time to sink in to the skin, it’s quite heavy otherwise.
It took me a while to choose which face mask I wanted. They all looked and smelled so good and most served the same purpose. I ruled out the ones for dry skin and the chocolate one because it smelt far too much like something I would eat, it just seemed wrong to put that on my face.
I opted for The Sacred Truth which seemed to be the best for detoxifying the skin. It contains wheatgrass, ginseng, Green Tea, fresh papaya, cleansing clays and nutritious butters. I thought the consistency of this one was the easiest to apply, some looked a bit too thick. The smell is gorgeous too, it has a somewhat floral scent to it, possibly from the ylang ylang. I was amazed at all the ingredients that went in to making it actually, free range eggs, yoghurt, honey...So Lush face masks are very fresh which means you need to keep them refrigerated. That’s why I think these face masks are perfect for this time of year. When you’ve had a hot day outside, it’s nice to come home, relax and apply this all over your face, very cooling and refreshing. Here I am modelling it!
My skin felt amazing afterwards, it was a little tightening on my face as it dried, but it meant when I rinsed it off, I felt like I’d used a strong toner. You can pick these up in most Lush stores for about £4.80, but for some reason they’re advertised on the website as £6.31, maybe they’re a bigger size? I’m keen to try out the other face masks available, but really they work out quite expensive considering they only stay fresh for 3 weeks! They make a nice treat, but I’ll probably get saving my black pots again, or maybe have a bash at making my own!


Shortiee31 said...

I'm planning on picking up Cupcake soon :D

Onyx said...

Is that the chocolatey one? It smells tooo yummy though! Hmm, be good to see if chocolate is actually good for the skin, might make me feel less guilty eating chocolate bars. xx

Victoria said...

I'm ur latest follower! :)

Have a look on my blog.. I've reviewed some Lush things including a face mask.


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