Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Hair...

Yesterday I got my haircut for the first time since I moved to London. It's always a nerve wrecking experience for me getting my haircut somewhere new, I've had some bad hair experiences in the past! The most notable time being when I decided I wanted to go blonde (not the easiest transition for someone who is naturally a medium/dark brunette). Basically there was a little bit of communication breakdown, the lady that cut my hair spoke little English and I ended up with the worst shade of blonde imaginable, kind of strawberry blond-ish. It was supposed to be a base colour and then I would have highlights over it, but it was so dreadful I didn't want her to put any more colour on my hair so I left, and it worked out more expensive to have corrected somewhere else. A few weeks after this dilemma I was ready to have my hair cut again and decided to try somewhere new. The people were pretty professional but again I didn't get the hair I'd wished and hoped for. I showed the lady a magazine picture of a girl with very light blonde hair and explained this was the colour that I wanted as a highlight. The entire hair ended up looking that colour. So feeling like barbie, I walked out thinking it would grow on me. It didn't, I went back and had lowlights put in. So these were my nightmare experiences during my first few months living in the states in 05. I'm glad to say my final months were a lot more pleasant and I was finally happy with a hairdresser I found. When I got back to the UK I wasn't sure whether to continue trying to convince the world I was really blonde or go back to my natural roots. I decided to carry on, and went to a hairdresser I knew about through recommendation and for 2 and a half years, is (almost) the only place I've gone.
Now in the big smoke where would I go?! I was already prepared for extortionate prices compared to my hometown, but I was lucky enough to find out about a place that wasn't too expensive and here is how my hair turned out.
In natural daylight, and below in room lighting.

I'm really happy with the colour, honestly I would have been happy if they'd just managed to match what I had before, but the girl who cut my hair has actually done an even better job than I imagined so I'm super happy. Before, I thought my hair was a little too golden, now it's been toned down to a cooler shade, a beigey blonde that I much prefer. I'm also really happy with the cut, the layers are more distinct but natural looking. there's 50% off the first appointment.


Liparazzi said...

The colour and cut looks lovely on you!It's always tricky going to a new salon coz you never know what to expect. At least you have found a place you can rely on now!

Onyx said...

Thankyou! I know, especially since the bad hair experiences I've had in the past, I'm glad I found somewhere! x

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