Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Girl's Aloud Lashes review

The Girl's Aloud Lashes have been out for a few weeks, and I remember there was a lot of hype over them. A lot of people rushed out to buy them and I saw pictures of the lashes, but I never saw anyone wearing the lashes. I wanted to know what they would look like on, so I got myself the pair I thought were the nicest. It came down to a toss up between Nadine's and Nicola's (although I didn't see Kimberley's anywhere, they were sold out in the Superdrug Strand branch and my local branch) and I went for Nadine's. I've loved Eyelure since I discovered them which admittedly wasn't long ago, a few months back, and I've been pretty loyal to this brand since they make good quality, natural, while at the same time noticable lashes.
They're great too because the glue easily peels off when you remove the eyelashes, and provided you take care of them, i.e. return them to the box in their right shape, remember to take them off at night! (easily forgotten when you've had a couple), and don't try to wash them! I learn the hard way honestly.
I wanted to show what they look like on, rather than just showing them in the box.

If you've seen pictures of my eyelashes with just mascara on, you'll appreciate what a vast difference these make to my lashes. I love the fact that they're much longer on the outer corners which gives a cat-eye effect. I thought they'd be a bit over the top because of the criss cross detailing across the bottom of them, but with eyeliner you don't really notice it, it's just a nice little touch.


Victoria said...

They look lovely! I have got the Nicola ones and I need to do a review on them.

Great post. xx

Jen said...

They look a lot nicer on than they do in the box, thanks for showing that!! I've got the Kimberley one's and they're fab too!! x x

Onyx said...

@victoria, thankyou! I'll check that out when you do a review. I might go back for the Nicola ones! xx

Onyx said...

@Jen, i'm wanting to see the Kimberley ones too, mainly because they're sold out everywhere I've looked, I'm guessing they must be pretty good. They're buy one get one half price at the mo in Superdrug by the way, and that applies to all the Eyelure lashes! xx

Tali said...

I only managed to put them on once (im bad with lashes) but i do love them!
These ones suit your eyes!! You lok great here!

About the GOSH polishes- they are bloody ugly looking in the bottle!!


Kristin said...

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Iva said...


Anonymous said...

they look lovely :) i've got the cheryl ones and they look quite similar to yours on the picture :)

lydiaoc26 said...

Those lashes look wonderful, I might have to try them out - I still have Revlon ones to try out first though!

Love your hair by the way. What do you get done to it to get it that colour? I've just gone back to highlights after havin it white blonde for years. I want it like yours!

Lydia x

Holly :) said...

SO pretty!

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