Friday, 22 July 2011

NOTD Barry M Raspberry

The latest addition to my Barry M nail paint family is the overlooked and undersung hero that is Raspberry. There's so many brighter, more stand out colours in the collection that I never really pick up the "normal" safe shades.
Raspberry is a deep, rich red colour which I have included a couple of pictures in different lighting. It reminds me a lot of Piccadilly Circus by Nails Inc except it is a truer red shade and doesn't look brown in some lights like Piccadilly Circus does. It is almost in that red wine colour family, but again a little more red than wine. It's a classic shade and one that I think everyone needs some equivalent of in their nail polish collection.
I think as this is an older colour, the formulation is not as great as newer shades, this did start to chip on day 2 which is unusual, definitely calls for a topcoat to fix this.


Peg said...

Gorgeous colour, it really stands out.

glamour rouge said...

Hi, I have this one too & I love it, love raspberry shades..very classic. :)
Great blog I'm now following!

Eda ♥ said...

I have that nail varnish also and I love it!!

Would love for you to check out my blog and follow if you like:

Eda ♥

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