Thursday, 21 July 2011

UNE Cosmetics Tote and Makeup Pouch Deal

Une Cosmetics currently have a deal on in Superdrug where you buy any two products and you get a free Une goody bag which consists of a make-up bag and a tote bag. Both the tote and the pouch are made from 100% naural and organic certified cotton, in keeping with their brand ethos. I will store a few make-up items in the pouch and the tote is ideal for shopping or carrying books. I'd be lying if I said I didn't just buy two Une products purely to get hold of these bags. Of course I love Une, but I really didn't go in looking to buy anything from them. You know how easily this is done.
I picked up my two items which once I started pondering over which things to buy became more of a challenge than I thought. Oh I really want to try their creamy blushers...oh but the lipsticks/lipglosses, surely they're the best make-up product to have that is all natural since essentially you end up eating it anyway...ooh but I haven't seen this cleanser before...

In the end I went for the Radiance Refresh Night & Day "Micellar Cleansing Water for Face & Eyes" and a Skin-Matt Foundation in M05. Now I have been using both of these products for a few days now so I shall write separate reviews once I have a full opinion about them. So far I am happy with both products and I am glad to see the Une range branching out. Using organic and natural origin products are increasingly important to people so I was glad to see a make-up remover designed by a brand that specialise in natural make-up. The way I see it, if they know how to put make-up on, they know how to get it off again.

I previously wrote about the Skin glow foundation and how I was wary with my oily skin, I was pleased to see that Une have now released a matt foundation for us oily girls and I feel that I may get along even better with this foundation. It's easy to find your shade if you've used Une before as the number corresponds, so I was a G05 in the Skin-glow which makes me a M05 in the Skin-matt, easy.
Here's a little blob swatch and then rubbed into the skin next to it, left a little thickly applied so you can see what it looks like.

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