Monday, 18 July 2011

Weekend Overview

This weekend was spent wandering around the Shoreditch area of London. Shoreditch is in east London and is one of my favourite areas although I haven't been that many times. The night life is great, and there is a real mix of people and buzz about the area.

I wanted to go to Flowers gallery on Kingsland Road after Derren Brown posted on Twitter that an artist friend of his had an exhibition there. Patrick Hughed does a lot of optical illusion pictures, a lot of which were unlike anything I'd seen. There were inverted masks, and these scenery paintings that appeared like hollograms, it wasn't until you came up close to them that you could see how it was done. Located on Kingsland Road, the exhibition is definitely worth a look.
Further on up Kingsland Road, there is Geffryes Museum which was a little gem of a find. Both pictures are the exterior of the building, unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures indoors. Note the gloomy lighting, the heavens opened shortly after this picture was taken.

The museum is based in an old Almshome, homes that were paid for by a charity and set up to house the elderly poor. You can still find a lot of these homes dotted around England, but this one has been converted into a museum which shows how English homes have been decorated over the years. It starts with the 1600s and goes right up to a middle class home today. It might not sound like the most thrilling of ways to spend an afternoon, but I happen to really like interior design and that was what this museum is all about. It's like a walk through interior design through time.

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