Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Une Skin Matt Foundation Review

Below: both swatches rubbed in a little more to the skin.

Here is one of my reviews I have been meaning to do. I don't know when Une brought out this foundation or why nobody told me about it!...but I was rather delighted all the same.
I have been using Une Skin Glow foundation for a few months, repurchasing it a couple of times as I have been so impressed with it. If you've not read the review I did of that foundation, I said something along the lines of it is similar to a tinted moisturiser but with slightly more coverage. It doesn't break me out, it isn't heavy or cakey on your skin, and it is long lasting. Perhaps my only "issue" was that sometimes, after wearing it a while I can get a little shiny in my T-zone. This would happen if I were to wear no foundation, and is easily solved with a little translucent powder. I would also add that this is only really applicable in the hot summer months and after wearing it for the whole day.
Anyway, this is supposed to be a review about the Skin Matt foundation, so let's have a look at it.
(Scroll to the bottom for pros and cons if you don't want to read my waffling.) Packaging wise it's identical, and there was nothing that drew my eyes to it being any different to the Skin-Glow foundation, in fact, I thought that's what I had picked up until I used my brain and actually read it. I know matte foundations don't float everyone's boats and aren't anything to get excited about, but for me, a self-confessed oily girl, I need matte in my life. Now my skin is not as bad as I think it is, it is only really my t-zone that gets it's shine on, and even then, mostly in summer and it's probably not that noticeable to other people. I've never really looked at anyone myself and thought "you have a shiny face" so it's unlikely people are thinking that about me! But, as a result of my teenage years when it was more of an issue, I have been left thinking of myself as a dewy faced person and don't reach for products that promise me a dewy look. Maybe in 10 years this will be a different story.
Seeing that Une now did a matte foundation, and the previous positive experience I had had with the Skin-Glow made this an instant must-have product for me and am I happy I bought it? Well, yes.
First of all, it was super easy to find my shade as the numbers translate across the brand so I just had to find my number which is currently number 05. The consistency of the foundation comes a little thicker than the Glow foundation, it definitely has a more "foundationness" about it than a tinted moisturiser. This gives the advantage of offering slightly more coverage and consequently controls your shine for hours to come. It also comes with a disadvantage - it is slightly more difficult to work this into your skin. I find I need to work quite quickly or it has a tendency to turn a little cakey. I guess this is because being matte means it is drier and must be less oil based.
Overall, it isn't hugely different to the Skin Glow foundation and I feel like I don't prefer one over the other. I will continue using this one over the summer to keep my shine at bay, but I would consider going back to the Glow as the weather gets cooler, just for ease of use.
Une Skin Matt foundation is available in Superdrug and Boots priced at £11.99.
Skin Glow on the right, Skin Matt on the left.
  • Colour match is identical, consistency runs across the brand so it's easy to find your shade if you've used it before. Also, in larger Boots stores, there is quite a wide range of shades to choose from.
  • Very long lasting, keeps you shine free for hours.
  • Price - excellent value for an organic make-up product.
  • Little more difficult to work with than the Skin-Glow, doesn't glide on as easily. You need to be quick or it will cake.
  • Shape of the bottle is not very user-friendly when you are near the bottom it gets quite difficult to squeeze it out, so you may find yourself wasting a lot of product.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review :) Im considering buying this now but I'm going to have to see if they have my shade first :)

Girlygirl said...

Love the blog! I have nominated you for a blog award :-)

Coop said...

Great post ♥ xoxo fmum.blogspot.com

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

The foundation looks great! The colour match is so perfect and it looks like lovely coverage.

x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

Cat said...

Follow pleaase :)http://laceetleather.blogspot.com/

Love From Eden said...

I had the same blending problem. I think it has something to do with not having any silicones in the product. It has pretty good coverage though.

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